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About Bullet In Flight Radio. 

An Inclusive Progressive Christian Network for all believers and breaking all boundaries!

Bullet In Flight Radio is dedicated to providing a platform for progressive Christians, church organizations, Inspirational/Gospel House/Gospel artists and talk show opportunities serving a progressive audience through radio excellence and education. We are a unique community based out of New Mexico and California. A resource for music and inspiration that promotes positivity and fosters a sense of mental, emotional and spiritual wellness for the LGBTIQ+ community.

About Our Founder. 

CEO & Station Director

Bullet In Flight Productions

Just Dominic aka Dominic LaRon Pruitt was born on June 26th, in Detroit, MI. Just Dominic comes from a spiritual family. Just Dominic was born the 4th and last son of 7 children to Pastor Gladys and Mel Pruitt. When Just Dominic was a little boy his oldest brother heard him singing and taught him how to sing Walter and Edwin Hawkins harmonies. This spearheaded Just Dominic towards his music destiny. As a young boy, Just Dominic spend most of his free time singing in the local choir and the church’s youth group, The Holy Followers. Though traveling with his youth group, many doors opened for him, such as singing at the national PCAF Church convention.

In 1993 Just Dominic auditioned for RFC (Radical for Christ) which was conducted by Fred Hammond. Just Dominic made the cut. The following year Just Dominic along with two young producers of Marvin Winans’ Perfecting Praise Choir (Ancel Dewberry and Anton Foster) wrote his first songs, God Alone and Attitude. These songs caught the attention of Mario Winans and Dallas Austin. The two was so impressed with Just Dominic they invited him to Atlanta to work with them. However, Just Dominic respectfully had to decline because of his strict church upbringing.

After touring with Fred Hammond and RFC for a year, Just Dominic left to pursue his writing passion. Just Dominic started his own production company, Bullet in Flight.  A few years later being approached by Tyscot Records, Just Dominic wrote a #1 hit, “Exalt The King” for Chris Jones & Word of Praise. “Exalt The King” was their only #1 hit and it stayed on the charts for more than 52 weeks.

Best Musical Influences: Keith Staten, Mitchell Jones, Fred Hammond, Boyz II Men, Bebe & Marvin Winans, Parkes Stewart, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Janet Jackson, The Clark Sisters and The Hawkins Family.

These days, Just Dominic will be launching new music throughout 2021, on his Label, Bullet In Flight Productions, LLC.

"I look forward to spreading God’s word through his music to all those with Church hurt and all those rejected for not fitting in".

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